Sacred Games Season 2 Episode Names with Meanings

Edit (April 1, 2019) – It turns out, Netflix was actually April fooling us. And these names are popular dialogues from the series FRIENDS. These are not the names of the Sacred Games season 2 episodes. Good one, Netflix!
Having said that, we will cover the real episode names, their significance, and meaning when they come out.

Update (May 6, 2019) – The teaser for season 2 is out. We see new characters in this teaser – Kalki Koechlin and Ranveer Shauri. While Nawaz sports a suit, a plot twist perhaps? What do you think?

Here is the teaser –

If you are still interested in knowing, what the meaning of the prank episode names were?

Here you go!

Episode 1, Season 2 – “Bidalah-A-Gita”

Episode 1, Season 2 - Bidalah-A-Gita - Sacred Games

बिडाल: – ए – गीता। 

biḍāla: – e – gītā।

बिडाल: means Cat. गीता means song.
hence the meaning becomes ‘Song of the Cat’

 If you interpret ‘Bidalah’ as ‘बिदलः’  instead of  ‘बिडाल:’ then the meaning changes –

बिदलः – ए – गीता।

bidalaḥ – e – gītā। 

बिदलः means split.
So the meaning comes as splits if Gita
Also loosely translates to something like ‘from the splits of Geeta’


Episode 2, Season 2 – “Katham Asti”

Episode 2, Season 2 - Katham Asti - Sacred Games

कथम् अस्ति।

katham asti।

That means how is it?
Or how is everything? In modern sense it also translates to ‘What’s up?’

Episode 3, Season 2 – “Antara Mahavana”

Episode 3, Season 2 - Antara Mahavana - Sacred Games

अन्तर महावन।

antara mahāvana। 

Antara means inside, Maha means great and Vana means forest.
So the meaning is ‘within the great forest’

Episode 4, Season 2 – “Unagamam”Episode 4, Season 2 - Unagamam - Sacred Games



Meaning if आगम is coming near.
And अनागम is the negation of it.
So the meaning is going away or going far. There is no such word as उनागम in Sanskrit.

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