Be immutable!

sanskrit shlok
This Sanskrit Shlok talks about how great people are always of one mind. They are not fickle-minded. Happiness or distress are both treated in the same way by them. They neither get excited when there is gain, nor are they depressed when there is loss. Such a way of living gives one peace of mind, hence it is recommended to adopt this attitude.
Source: Kavya Prakash 7.245
उदेति सविता ताम्रस्ताम्र एवास्तमेति च।
सम्पतौ च विपत्तौ च महतामेकरूपता॥
udeti savitā tāmrastāmra evāstameti ca
sampatau ca vipattau ca mahatāmekarūpatā
English Translation:
The Sun is red at the time of rising, and red at the time of setting too.
Similarly, noble people remain the same at the time of happiness and distress.
Hindi Translation:
उदय और अस्त दोनों समय सूर्य लाल होता है।
वैसे ही महापुरुष सुख और दुःख में समान रहते हैं॥

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