Motivational Poster: Proper planning goes a long way

Motivational Sanskrit Shloka
Have a plan for order of things with proper resources and your work is half done. The deeper meaning here is, for whatever work you start, there will be excitement in the beginning which will keep you going for some time but when the excitement fades away, there is a higher chance that you will either abandon the work or might not finish as you had thought initially.
Keeping the same in mind, this motivational Sanskrit Shloka focuses on the planning and resources part, if you do this right in the beginning your motivation will be at par even at the end of the work. You will be ready for obstacles since you would have focused on things that might go wrong during your planning stage. Sure, you can’t plan for some things, but if you have a nature of planning things out, it would come in handy when you have to make decisions on the fly.
TantropAkhyAna pt. 26
अक्रमेणानुपायेन कर्मारम्भो न सिध्यति।
akrameṇānupāyena karmārambho na sidhyati
Hindi Translation:
बिना क्रम और संसाधन के प्रारम्भ किया गया कर्म सफल नहीं होता।
English Translation:
A work begun with no order and means does not succeed.

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