World Environment Day in Sanskrit

Sanskrit and its literature have always respected and celebrated the environment. Take this Shloka from Atharvaveda as an example; it establishes a sacred connection between mother nature and us (humans), setting a very deep precedent for how we should be treating our fellow earthlings. Happy Environment Day to you!

mata bhumi putro aham prithvi

माता भूमिः पुत्रोऽहं पृथिव्याः।

mātā bhūmiḥ putro’haṃ pṛthivyāḥ।
Hindi translation:
ये धरती हमारी माता है और हम इसके पुत्र है।
 English translation:
Earth is my mother and I am her child.
 Source – Atharvaveda 12.1.12


World Environment Day Sanskrit

शैले शैले न माणिक्यं मौतिकं न गजे गजे ।
साधवो नहि सर्वत्र चन्दनं न वने वने ॥ 

śaile śaile na māṇikyaṃ mautikaṃ na gaje gaje
sādhavo nahi sarvatra candanaṃ na vane vane
Hindi translation:
हर पर्वत पर माणिक्य नहीं होता, हर हाथी में मोती नहीं होता ।
सज्जन सब जगह नहीं मिलते । चन्दन का पेड़ हर जंगल में नहीं होता ।
 English translation:
Rubies are not found in every mountain; nor is a pearl to be met with every elephant.
Good people are not found everywhere. A sandalwood tree does not exist in every forest.
 Source – Chanakya Neetisaar 2.9


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