This is What Winners Do – Beautiful Shlok from Kathasaritsagara

KathasaritsagaraSource: Kathasaritsagara 5.3.14
असिद्धार्था निवर्तन्ते नहि धीराः कृतोद्यमाः।
asiddhārthā nivartante nahi dhīrāḥ kṛtodyamāḥ
English Translation:
The strong minded ones once having put in efforts do not turn back till they have achieved their objective.
Hindi Translation:
उद्यमी धैर्यवान व्यक्ति जब तक उनका काम पूरा नहीं हो जाता, हटतें नहीं है।
No work is bed of roses, you will most definitely face obstacles in anything you take up, no matter how small or big. What will matter in the end is your attitude towards it.
Face your problems with a smile on your face and make up your mind that you will not give up in any condition until you are done with it. And when you finally finish it, the amount of joy you’ll get will be humongous. That joy is directly proportional to the amount of problems you faced and conquered during the task. This beautiful Shlok from Kathasaritsagara tells us the difference between a loser and the winner.

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