This Sanskrit Shloka Explains How to Win the World

Sanskrit Shloka

Sanskrit Shloka source: Suktimala 82
क्षमया दयया प्रेम्णा सूनृतेनार्जवेन च।
वशीकुर्याज्जगत्सर्वं विनयेन च सेवया॥
kṣamayā dayayā premṇā sūnṛtenārjavena ca।
vaśīkuryājjagatsarvaṃ vinayena ca sevayā॥
English Translation:
The whole world can easily be won by forgiveness, mercy, love, good words, honesty, modesty and
Hindi Translation:
पूरी दुनिया आसानी से माफी, दया, प्यार, अच्छे शब्दों, ईमानदारी, विनम्रता और सेवा से जीती जा सकती है।

The poet of this Sanskrit Shloka lists all good qualities by which the whole world can be won. The best example of this in the modern period was Mahatma Gandhi. He was born an ordinary man, but by virtue of of his good qualities he world famous, did important things for our country, and gained a millions of followers.
His life was like a yogi’s and hence he was rightly called ‘Mahatma’ or great soul. One should attempt to follow this Shlok to live a peaceful and fruitful life.
Read how to lead a minimalist life here.

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