[Part 2] Relevant Sanskrit Shlokas with Meaning in Hindi & English

This is part 2 of Relevant Sanskrit Shlokas with Meaning in Hindi & English. We will continue adding many more useful Sanskrit quotes here as we post them on our social channels.

Sanskrit quote on fire

Source - तैत्तिरीय-ब्राह्मणम् (taittirīya-brāhmaṇam
Our ancestors gave a lot of importance to fire (Agni), and rightly so. Without which nothing around you would exist.
Taken from the कृष्णयजुर्वेदीय तैत्तिरीयब्राह्मण, this verse addresses Jātavedas (Agni). A more relatable translation would be.
"I am from the fire; the fire is from me. I am the source of the fire; the fire is my source."

Sanskrit phrase on duality of nature

अहं त्वदस्मि मदसि त्वम्।

ahaṃ tvadasmi madasi tvam।

Hindi translation:
मैं तुझसे हूँ, तू मुझसे है।

English translation:
I am from you; you are from me.

Original text with Vedic accents:
अ॒हं त्वद॑स्मि॒ मद॑सि॒ त्वमे॒तत्।

Sanskrit phrase on duality of nature

Source - मृच्छटिकम् १.१० (mṛcchaṭikam 1.10)
Anything has value as long as your mind remembers what it was like living without it. You can apply this to almost anything like material, money, conveniences, relationships, and even your own body. So next time you face an obstacle, remember how satisfactory overcoming it is going to be.

Sanskrit phrase on duality of nature

सुखं हि दुःखान्यनुभूय शोभते घनान्धकारेष्विव दीपदर्शनम्।

sukhaṃ hi duḥkhānyanubhūya śobhate ghanāndhakāreṣviva dīpadarśanam।

Hindi translation:
दुःख अनुभव करने के बाद सुख का मान अधिक होता है,
जैसे घने अन्धेरे में एक दीपक से सब कुछ प्रदीप्त हो जाता है।

English translation:
Happiness is better appreciated after experiencing sorrow,
just like light from a small lamp illuminates everything in pitch darkness.

Sanskrit phrase on loving yourself

Source - not available

Sanskrit quote on loving yourself

स्वात्मनि स्निह्येत्।

svātmani snihyet।

Hindi translation:
स्वयं से प्रेम करो।

English translation:
Love yourself.

Sanskrit Quote on Mind/intellect

Source - सुभषितरत्नभाण्डागारम्, सामन्यनीतिः 521 (subhaṣitaratnabhāṇḍāgāram, sāmanyanītiḥ 521)

Sanskrit quote on mind and intellect

वयसनेष्वेव सर्वेषु यस्य बुद्धिर्न हीयते।
स तेषां पारमभ्येति तत्प्रभावादसंशयम्॥

vayasaneṣveva sarveṣu yasya buddhirna hīyate।
sa teṣāṃ pāramabhyeti tatprabhāvādasaṃśayam॥

Hindi translation:
विपत्तियों में अपंग न होने वाली बुद्धि ही उसे
उन विपदाओं से निकलने में सहायता करती है।

English translation:
The mind that does not cripple in adversities,
helps him/her get out of those very calamities.

Sanskrit Quote on Belief

Sanskrit quote You become what you believe in

यद्भावो तद्भवति।

yadbhāvo tadbhavati।

Hindi translation:
जैसी धारणा, वैसे आप।

English translation:
You become what you believe in.

Sanskrit Quote from Tarkasaṅgrahaḥ

Source – तर्कसङ्ग्रहः 31 (tarkasaṅgrahaḥ 31)

When we say we 'know' something, we either retrieve a memory of it (having experienced it ourselves or having heard or read about it) or are experiencing it at the moment. The 'experience' aspect of knowledge features in René Descartes's famous "I think, therefore I am", where he deduces his own existence from the knowledge (present experience) that he is thinking (at the present moment). When he's no longer consciously aware of these thoughts, the knowledge about his existence comes from the memory of the above deduction from present experience. Here 'experience' is not in the sense of 'past experience' or 'accumulated experiences', which is simply a 'memory', the other form of knowledge. So the question to be asked here is, who we really are?

Sanskrit Quote from Tarkasaṅgrahaḥ

स्मृतिभिन्नं ज्ञानमनुभवः।

smṛtibhinnaṃ jñānamanubhavaḥ।

Hindi translation:
अनुभव स्मृति से अलग एक ज्ञानावस्था है।

English translation:
Experience is a state of knowledge apart from memory.

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Sanskrit Quote from Kathasaritsagar on worthy of being rich

Source – Kathasaritsagara 3.1.140

Sanskrit quote from Kathasaritsagar

वीरो हि स्वाम्यमर्हति।

vīro hi svāmyamarhati।

Hindi translation:
जो वीर है, वही धनी होने के योग्य होता है।

English translation:
One who is brave is worthy of being rich.

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