Blessed to be a Bharatiya - Tshirt Tshirts - ReSanskrit
Blessed to be a Bharatiya - Tshirt Tshirts - ReSanskrit
Blessed to be a Bharatiya - Tshirt Tshirts - ReSanskrit
Blessed to be a Bharatiya - Tshirt

Blessed to be a Bharatiya - Tshirt

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धन्य: अस्मि भारतत्वेन। which means "I am blessed to be a Bharatiya" or "भाग्य है मेरा मैं एक भारतीय हूँ।". One of the most popular posts we have ever made on ReSanskrit, so we decided to make a t-shirt of this as well.

गायन्ति देवाः किल गीतकानि धन्यास्तु ते भारतभूमिभागे।
स्वर्गापवर्गास्पदमार्गभूते भवन्ति भूयः पुरुषाः सुरत्वात्॥


gāyanti devāḥ kila gītakāni dhanyāstu te bhāratabhūmibhāge।
svargāpavargāspadamārgabhūte bhavanti bhūyaḥ puruṣāḥ suratvāt॥

Hindi Translation:

देवगण भी यह गान करते हैं कि जिन्होंने भारतवर्ष में जन्म लिया है, जो कि स्वर्ग और मोक्ष का मार्ग है, वे पुरुष हम देवताओं से भी अधिक धन्य हैं।

English translation:

Even the gods sing that the men who are born in this Bhāratavarṣa, which is the path to heaven and liberation, are more fortunate than us gods.

Source - Vishnu Purana 2.3.24

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