What can vanity do to you? Explains this Mahabharata Quote!

Mahabharata Quote
Everything that exists becomes nothingness explains this Mahabharata quote. A very deep thought as it not only talks about vanity but also about other things that become the reason for their counterpart’s end.

How can hope destroy patience?

Hope is often termed to be a good thing, many modern references believe so. For example, the The Shawshank Redemption has a very popular dialogue that goes like this, “Remember Red, hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies.”. However, this Mahabharata quote says the opposite. If you think deeply, you’ll realize that hope is a kind of a bad thing as hope creates expectations, and expectations often lead to disappointments if not backed by adequate actions.
On the other hand, patience is a good thing. Patience is a quality that will make you take action and make you realize that you have to wait for the right time. Here’s an example, we will tell you two sentences and you tell us which one sounds better in the comments below,
Sentence 1:  “I hope someday, I will have mangoes on my farm.”
Sentence 2:  “I have sowed the seeds, I will be patient enough to wait for the tree to grow and yield mangoes.”

How vanity destroys everything?

The gist of this Mahabharata quote is to highlight the magnitude of destruction vanity can bring upon someone. We very much agree with this, after all, the ultimate goal of Yoga is to lose the illusion of your ego and realize that you are nothing but part of this eternal life force. If not, in the end, nature makes you realize the same by taking away everything you had.

Mahabharata quote from UdyogParva 35.50

Sanskrit transcript:
जरा रूपं हरति हि धैर्यमाशा मृत्युः प्राणान् धर्मचर्यामसूया।
क्रोधः श्रियं शीलमनार्यसेवा ह्रियं कामः सर्वमेवाभिमानः॥
jarā rūpaṃ harati hi dhairyamāśā mṛtyuḥ prāṇān dharmacaryāmasūyā।
krodhaḥ śriyaṃ śīlamanāryasevā hriyaṃ kāmaḥ sarvamevābhimānaḥ॥
Hindi translation:
वृद्धावस्था रूप का, आशा धैर्य का, मृत्यु प्राणों का, ईर्ष्या धर्माचरण का, क्रोध लक्ष्मी का,
अनार्य (नीच) लोगों की सेवा शील का, काम लज्जा का तथा अभिमान सभी कुछ का हरण कर लेता है।
English translation:
Old age destroys beauty; hope patience; death life; envy virtue; the vile passion prosperity;
association with vulgar destroys good manners; lust modesty; and vanity destroys everything.

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