Celebrating The Republic Day!

प्रजासत्ताकदिनस्य शुभाशया: ।
Happy Republic day – ReSanskrit

Sanskrit Republic Day 2021
India Republic day Statue of unity

ऐक्यं बलं समाजस्य तदभावे स दुर्बलः ।
तस्मात् ऐक्यं प्रशंसन्ति दृढं राष्ट्रहितैषिणः ॥ 

aikyaṃ balaṃ samājasya tadabhāve sa durbalaḥ ।
tasmāt aikyaṃ praśaṃsanti dṛḍhaṃ rāṣṭrahitaiṣiṇaḥ ॥
 English translation:
Unity is the strength of society, and without it, society is weak. Hence those who wish the good of the nation heartily encourage Unity.
 Hindi translation:
एकता समाज की शक्ति है, और इसके बिना हम दुर्बल है।
अत: देश के शुभ चिंतक एकता को प्रोत्साहन देते हैं।

 A good nation requires a great vision and people who will put in hard work to make it happen. But if you want a GREAT nation, it takes more than that, it demands sacrifices, a lot of them.

And our country is full of people who will sacrifice everything they have. In fact, सेवा (service), दान (charity) and बलिदान (sacrifice) are rooted in our culture, and these values are what our forefathers taught us.
We will inculcate these values in us and we will make a great Nation.

Republic Day 2019

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